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Thank you for everything Danish Prince!

For me, Barça is unconditional. Let’s just say I’m playing at Arsenal, at Manchester, at Bayern Munich. I’d constantly be asking myself, ”Whats happening at barça?” I’d be paying attention to what’s going on, who’s playing, what they are doing, how they are doing. I feel Barça. That’s the great difference from the people who don’t feel it. I love this club, I love it. I always say that I will never leave Barça until my career ends. I won’t go. I won’t go. I’m happy at Barça. Barça, i love it, I feel like it’s mine. For me, it is unconditional. No loans, no offers. (inspired by xx)

Bring color to my skies

Coldplay performing ‘Yellow’ , BBC Radio 1 +

Part 2